1,000th Geocache Find

My 1000th Find

My 1000th Find

Kona and Julie Geocaching

My goal for 2013 was to find 1,000 geocaches before January 1, 2014.  Today I was able to accomplish my goal.  I’m in Ridgecrest for the Christmas Holiday and Kona, my Black Labrador and I headed out to find caches in the Signal Series in Ridgecrest, CA.  My 1,000th find was “Where’s The Coffee” near the Signal Series.  I wanted my 1,000th find to be a special cache.  My original plan was to have Ken drive me up to Indian Wells Canyon to get two of the caches up the canyon because the view would be spectacular…but Ken came down with the flu on Christmas Day, so he has not been able to get out geocaching with me so I decided to find some local caches instead.  The weather has been absolutely beautiful…the highs have been in the high 50’s during the day…couldn’t ask for better geocaching weather.  I plan on heading back out to work on the Signal Series again while I’m on vacation.

Geocaching off Highway 395

I was out geocaching off of Highway 395 near Ridgecrest, CA. USA when a geocache brought me to this really awesome Joshua Tree made out of horseshoes.  Ken and I drove past this joshua tree just days before and didn’t even notice it wasn’t real.  The cache name is Lucky Joshua.  I hope you enjoy the picture.

Joshua Tree


PATHTAG trading is a fun sport of creating quarter size tags and trading them online with fellow PATHTAG traders or dropping them in geocaches for others to discover and keep.   If you are interested in checking pathtags out, please go to www.pathtags.com.  You can search for me by my user name:Lucky Pathtag ms_jules.

Here is a picture of my first tag. Ken ordered for me as a gift and surprised me. This was my first introduction to PATHTAG trading and I’ve been hooked. The black lab represents my dog Lucky who lost her battle with cancer and the yellow ribbon around her neck represents the color of cancer (osteosarcoma) my son lost his battle with. 




Rails and Trails Series

GeotrackerLast week while I was on vacation during Fall Beak, Ken and I ventured out on the outskirts of Ridgecrest, CA. USA to attempt geocaching the Rails and Trails Series. We completed 31 of the 64 caches that were hidden on the old train tracks West of town. We took our new used Geotracker mini SUV to attempt the series and we had a blast.  We hiked up the rocky hillsides to locate most of the caches. Kona went with us and she enjoyed the adventure too.

I am attempting to complete my geocaching goal of finding 1000 geocaches before January 1, 2014.  We will attempt the remaining geocaches in this series on another weekend.


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I  hope you enjoy my Geocaching and PATHTAG trading adventures.

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